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My son started sylvan in August, he's doing great. All teachers are very nice. Sylvan learning center is so big. Jackie is also very good.

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I recently took a test at the Waco Sylvan center. It was noisy, the customer service manager was all doped up. I wouldn't recommend this place for testing! Period!

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Today I visited the Sylvan Learning Center/ Praxis Testing Site at 21st and Woodlawn in Wichita, KS. It was my 4th time testing at the center for various teaching certifications and, as usual, the experience was absolutely horrible. When I arrived, the two women in the waiting area were already near tears because of the tongue-lashing they'd already gotten from the evil blonde front desk attendant who makes every visit a misery. Though I didn't... Read more

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Enrolled my son at Sylvan in Lake Mary, FL, to get him prepared and ahead for 2nd Grade. After initial evaluation, we were told that he needed at least 3 days per week tutoring for reading. We received all sorts of promises about how we would see a huge improvement in his grades, he would be well prepared for the year. The Director pitched it like they were doing one on one training and even stated that how low the margin was from the... Read more

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My daughter was in Sylvan and they made me pay for a year. She stopped in July - July 15!2015 to be precise. However they are reimbursing me for the rest of the year. Roughly $3590. It is february 2016. If I don't pay for a day they send all collection agencies. Whom should contact. I am going crazy here. Can someone help mr

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We love Sylvans grades have improved and so has her confidence improved since she has attended sylvans

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Expensive. Improvement barely seen. Lot of talk, lot of driving, lots of hours, lots of money. Lot of talk. Waste of money, waste of time, waste of intellectual time. But they do give out points to get carnival quality junk toys. Thousands of dollars that without argument could have gone to a better place to help my son. When grades are mentioned you get a song and dance routine then at the end the mention of more hours, more package deal... Read more

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My daughter attended Sylvan in Springdfield, Il for 20 hours in which four of those hours should have been makeup which I passed on. My daughter would be tutored as they call it (really she would complete her homework for two hours then play on an iPad if she had time which never happened) with a first or second grader and a freaking sophomore or junior in high school. I decided I wanted to cancel because they sell you a dream that turns out to... Read more

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I work at a Sylvan as a teacher, I can tell you sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I feel bad for many of the parents who have to take out a loan in order to get their kid decent tutoring - many private tutors can do wonders and charge a lot less. Much of Sylvan's curriculum is Ipad based and if the child is motivated to improve - it can help. Unfortunately this is often not the case. Many kids have learning disabilities and require... Read more

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(Item 1) I made one mistake on a problem I working on blackboard while teaching a student a ACT prep course. I corrected myself and told the student that I had made a mistake and show him the proper solution to the problem. (Item 2) I was asked to tutor a student in math. I wasn't given proper information what area of math I was to tutor the student. I wasn't able to help the student. I got upset with Sylvan employee who didn't give me the... Read more

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