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My son has always had expressive communication issues so we decided to get him some help in language arts

He attended 3 times a week for 18 months while he was in elementary school.

His grades actually went down

the whole time i was being told he would improve using the "Sylvan Way"

In the end the director of the center told me"there is nothing we can do for him and offered me a gift card as a consolation

My child and I were devastated we had dutifully done all the work and I had made sure he was always there and ready to work. It felt like a complete waste of effort and so much time was "lost" in his academic preparation. The money was the least of it.

There is no correlation between their assessments and what grades my child had in school

Monetary Loss: $9000.

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I worked at the Slyvan Kissimmee local for 3 mos/ gave kids xtra help/ came in early off the clock/ left late had several weeks pay discrepancy & what happens I get fired due to econ. matter Sylvan Kissimmee kept my money & got away with it AND I Could NOT get a letter of ref.

At all times I adhered to policy IN FACT WITH 30 yrs Educ.

Exper. you would think I would be appreciated...HAHA.

to hardworker no valu Boston, Massachusetts, United States #792119

You did 30 years at Sylvan? If not, why can't you get a reference from your prior employer?

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