I paid 1,500 for my son to enrolled in the writing programme for 36 hours at sylvan learning centre. And all he was taught was how to use commas, periods and slashes.

The director of the centre said by the time your son finishes his 36th hour he would have done 6 essays. Which is 6 hours per essay. That wasn't true at all because he had only finished two, and the time spent on the essay is too short, he's only allowed 1 hour Maximum per day to work on his essay. Which means 6 days to Finish one essay.

Which is defiantly not in the 36 hours I've purchased, that means they will sell you another 10 or 20 hours.

I mean it's a scam. I don't recommend sending your child to Sylvan

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1009404

They sound like a bunch of ***, thanks for the write up :)


I think you have to have some caution to accepting posts like this on the internet. There are always two sides to a story and you have to be careful to make your own inquiries in life and not blindly rely on such posts.

to Anon #902122

Do ya know what you're talking about bud?

to Raja Arizona, United States #902125

Lol... Get a life Anon

to Raja Arizona, United States #902130

Lol… Anon get a life

to Anon Texas, United States #1065541

Are you from sylvan?

to Anon Florida, United States #1256334

Anon you sound like a homeless jew


Thank you guys! I was considering that tutoring for my daughter but have no money to lose.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #711194

That's the same exact thing that they've tried to pull on me

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #703746

I've been through this ***

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