My grandson was enrolled at Sylvan in Mobile, AL. Had to pay up front.

He missed some days in which my son called and told them that he would not be there that day and he was told my grandson could make them up. Never allowed to make up. Evaluation lasted about 30 seconds and he is now reading worse than when he started there AND they sent a bill for an additional $650.00. Not going to pay.

This is a ripoff, a scam. I would definitely stay away from this company.

He is now being privately tutored. Stay away.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Columbus, Nebraska, United States #897893

If your sons evaluation only took 30 seconds then he obviously didn't put any effort into it and how can you expect to see results!

Fullerton, California, United States #822455

I would say Sylvan especially the one I had experience with is a total rip off. Not recommended at all to families and kids. They are not competent especially at the managerial positions.

Black Creek, North Carolina, United States #735372

Also they insist that my grandson read at home to practice and that s why his reading is not improving. I told them to go *** themselves that the reason I gave them money was so he did nt have to read at home. Home is time for him to watch TV.

to dd Columbus, Nebraska, United States #897895

So basically you don't think parents should put any efforts into their sons or daughters education? It's all up to the schools and private companies like Sylvan?

You just want to pay money and expect a magic fix! Home is not time for TV.

That's probably the problem! Wow!

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