the sylvan that my child attended in pasco county florida is owned and operated by a group of the most unprofessional women (maybe even mentally unstable) that i have ever encountered. the director at the zephyrhills, florida office romps around and actually acts like she has a mental problem.

when speaking to the owner about her misconduct, that her employee dispays in front of the students/staff, instead of taking corrective action the owner actually in her words enables such conduct.

any normal establishment with any integrity would not want employees to act unprofessional, but apparently this particular owner did not see the value of retaining her students or staff. we now take our children to the KUMON learning center and it by far exceeds our expectations and it is much more cost effective and the professional end of it is unwaivered.

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Houston, Texas, United States #810642

My children and I have had the worst experience at the Kumon center here in Steeplechase, Houston. In my opinion the woman who owns and runs this Kumon learning center needs a serious mental checkup because her behavior surely must qualify her for the "Wackadoodle Hall of Fame." The Kumon learning center is noisy and out of control.

There are more students than there are people to teach or help them. Every so often the staff vanish and one can see new staff.

No one can stand the owner. Totally unprofessional.

London, England, United Kingdom #807658

I for one voted this complaint as not helpful because the writer offered no detail or supporting documentation. Probably is a disgruntled employee.


We used to take our children to Kumon here in Houston. The program is by far worse than I could imagine.

The owner surely has issues with her brain all my children saw were manic mood swings. The last thing we would want for our children is to be subject to abuse at the hands of their Kumon tutor.

We provided the one month notice and had our children out of the center. In our opinion, Kumon learning center here is the worst tutoring center you can find.

Walnut Creek, California, United States #689676

My name is Dr. Judy Johnson, and I am the owner of the Zephyrhills Sylvan Learning Center.

I am confused by this complaint as no one has spoken to me about their concern. I welcome any insight into what this issue is about and when and what happened. The center has operated in Zephyrhills for 13 years and thas an excellent reputation. I want to ensure that we maintain the highest standard of professional service to the community.

Please contact me personally through the center so that I may address your concerns.

to Anonymous #1389341

Dear Dr. Johnson,

I am a parent that lives in the Westchase area of town who is reporting your Westchase center to the Comsumer Protection Agency.

I am a separate parent from the one who posted the original complaint about you on this site.

I had a very interesting conversation this evening with yet another Mother who went through a horrible experience recently with your center. Your Executive Director in the Westchase Center is destroying your business’s reputation.

Just like the previous review, I have learned from the parent I spoke to this evening that you support this Executive Director’s unprofessional and unethical behavior. She wrote a letter to your “board” (you) to have her unused money refunded to her as a result of being very unhappy with your program, and you refused to refund it.

In my personal situation, I will not waste my time with writing to your Board. I will instead use every effort that I have to make sure your business is reported to the proper authorities to stop the unethical business practices.

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